6am Coffee 1kg

6am – Coffee that kicks!  Medium roast, full bodied, strong flavoured blend.  PNG and Indian origins, achieving a flavour profile of nutty caramel notes.

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Product Details

Baystyle Coffee Beans are sourced from premium locations all around the world.  Each bean is harvested, sorted and processed to ensure the highest quality and flavour.  Our beans are roasted fresh every week in a Fluid Air Bed Roaster giving a cleaner, more consistent flavour with no risk of scorching.  Clean evenly roasted beans with no “burst” taint transferring to your cup.

Packaged in 1kg kraft outer/foil inner bag with on-way valve for extra freshness.

Available as Wholebean or Filter, Plunger or Espresso Ground.


Espresso Ground, Filter Ground, Plunger Ground, Whole Bean